Aaron Andersen


GraphShop is the Graph Theory Workshop, an interactive software environment for Graph Theory research and applications. It contains a visual "point and click" interface for graph creation and manipulations, as well as an integrated scripting environment (using ECMAScript) linked both ways with the GUI systems. This means that one can create a graph with scripting, examine and modify it with the visual interface, and then run a custom script algorithm on the result.


Many simple and advanced features including the following.

  • Graph Panels. Visualize a single mathematical graph in multiple ways using a variety of graph panels, including editable adjacency matrices, an interactive drawing with multiple automatic layout algorithms, plus specialized panels for tournaments and interval graphs.

  • Integrated Scripting. Utilize the full graph information and modification API via the integrated scripting environment. Write custom graph scripts and algorithms using ECMAScript (a.k.a JavaScript), the most widely-used scripting language on the planet.


For more information, see the GraphShop Tutorial and Script API Reference.

Open Source

GraphShop is open source software, released under the GNU General Public License version 2.1 and hosted on GitHub at https://github.com/stringoftheseus/graphshop/. Bug reports, feature suggestions, and external contributions are always welcome.